Sunday, January 17, 2010

Commissioner Fantino In The News!

Well, maybe I am completely out to lunch, and Commissioner Julian Fantino is a complete idiot! Remember now, I am not suggesting he is, but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests this just might be the case.

In any event, over the past six months or so there have been a number of spectacular Fantinoisms, culminating in Criminal charges being pressed, then fumbled, then dropped by a JP who stated that even though the evidence was clear he would not permit them to proceed, then passed to a Judge who ordered the charges to proceed, much of which has to do with the determination of Gary McHale, Fantino's acting conscience.

Unfortunately I have had little time to go into depth into some of the fun little tidbits I encountered, but I have to ask, if you were an OPP Commissioner who was not an idiot, would you ever put something in writing that in any way, shape, or form could cause anyone to think that you have potentially criminally influenced anyone, especially if they were a public official? Hmm, I know I certainly wouldn't!

Good luck Julian!


  1. One thing for sure, Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty won't be throwing OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino under the bus any time soon, that's for sure.

    Especially now that Gary McHale has miraculously produce some "new" evidence since this incident happened over three years ago.

    Looks to me it's time for Gary McHale to fish or cut bait by Jan. 20th, then the case will be tossed as municipal corruption (the heading of the charge under the criminal code) won't be found as there was no criminal intent regarding Mr. Fantino laying down what might happen if Haldimand council continued to support McHale led flag marches clogging the streets.

    How sad, I was hoping Mr. Fantino would get a chance to defend himself, and the reputation of the OPP, which is being openly questioned by McHale.

  2. Commissioner Fantino did exactly as I would do.

    His job is to keep the daily peace on the ground between groups of agitating hotheads on either side of the fence. He and Haldimand Council had an agreement on how to deal with those on the Caledonia "side" who were determined to keep trouble stirred up. Weak minded and cowardly members of council, Craig grice in particular, caved into pressure from the non-native cowards and agitators and instead of calling them outm gave them his endorsement. He simply e-mailed them with not a threat, but a reminder of how seriously he took that agreement and what he would recommend if his officers get hurt during any attempts by McHale or his colleagues to orchestrate any violence of the streets.

    He was well within his rights and duty as a Commissioner to speak up and speak strongly. Just as he did with Shaun Brant.

    Fantino had no criminal intent nor did he perform any act of corruption. He was clear in what he wrote and didn't stand to profit personally. The spirit of the anti-municipal corruption laws was not even near being breached.

    As an example, if the Mayor of Toronto or any of the Council there made a speech welcoming any criminal group or racist group such as the Mafia or the Ku Klux Klan to hold public rallies or marches down Young Street, are you telling me that the Toronto Police Chief has no say in that?....and would be guilty of corruption if he were to speak loudly against the Mayor or council?

    Too bad people haven't researched their facts on this issue deeper than just blindly parroting all the racist rhetoric and nonsense.

    Fantino will have the charges dismissed because he actually did his job.

    Give your heads a shake people and use your own brains for a change.

    Or you can get in line with the rest of McHale's sheep. I see he's begging for your cash once again so he doesn't have to go out and find a real job.

    Fantino is a great Commissioner and he will be missed after he retires following the G8.

  3. Interesting comments. I don't need to give my head a shake, as I never said I support Mchale. I just think that as an Acting Commissioner, Fantino should speak and write in such a manner that he is not liable to be charged or sued, as he has been. I know I certainly do!

  4. And will Fantino have the charges dismissed? probably, but one can never be sure. I would die laughing if you are wrong, Mssr. Anonymous!

  5. The Justice system allowing a private citizen to force the courts to lay private criminal charges against politicians or commissioners with sharp tongues in their official e-mails, something McHale should have never been privy to, sent to their employers is a scary thought indeed David.

    McHale claims to have 24 similar cases before the courts in various stages of process. Does the word "vexatious" ring a bell?

    Seems a strange way to make a living.

  6. Lauging?...Do you find it funny that McHale is attempting to take over control of the Government, Police, Attorney General, Prosecutors, Judges and Courts? and by osmosis, your money going into his pocket?

    I see nothing humourous in this at all.

    He's a classic opportunist who identifies a vulnerable group of people who, yes, indeed are experiencing some problems, then he exaggerates it all, spreads fear, sets the stage for more problems , waves the Flag and stirs up patriotism and persecutes and isolates the race of people to blame and to make sure the police enforce the old 'Law and Order" mantra. (yet conveniently ignore the lack of justice and woes in the rest of society.)

    Oh, and asks for your donations of cash so he can continue his obsessed hobby.

    What famous group of white people who were first formed in the southern USA does this remind you of? Same Modus Operandi, different year, different name.

    Open your eyes people!

    And pleae, donate to Haiti relief and not to that lazy clown who refuses to get a life.

  7. Hold on a second Mssrs. Whittle and Anonymous!

    Mr Mchale has the absolute and unequivocal right as a Canadian Citizen to take the action he is taking, a right that has probably been around since Confederation!

    There is nothing scary about his actions, nor is he attempting to take control of the Government, Police, Attorney General et al. It is his right as a Canadian Citizen to file and press criminal charges, and whether I agree with such actions or not, I will defend his right to take them.

    What is scary is the thought people who are ignorant of certain of the rights of citizens and certain aspects of Canadian Law would deign to remove Mr. Mchale's right to take such action that he has because they find it unfavourable or objectionable.

  8. And yes, donate to any bona fide organization providing relief work in Haiti, I have a link to the American Red Cross on the sidebar of this site!

  9. Well! It's a shame Mssr. Anonymous chose to delete his two posts he left here a while back, but when your best arguments are "come on people" and "give your head a shake", I suppose he felt he couldn't compete with Mark, and understandably so!