Sunday, January 17, 2010

Commissioner Fantino In The News!

Well, maybe I am completely out to lunch, and Commissioner Julian Fantino is a complete idiot! Remember now, I am not suggesting he is, but there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests this just might be the case.

In any event, over the past six months or so there have been a number of spectacular Fantinoisms, culminating in Criminal charges being pressed, then fumbled, then dropped by a JP who stated that even though the evidence was clear he would not permit them to proceed, then passed to a Judge who ordered the charges to proceed, much of which has to do with the determination of Gary McHale, Fantino's acting conscience.

Unfortunately I have had little time to go into depth into some of the fun little tidbits I encountered, but I have to ask, if you were an OPP Commissioner who was not an idiot, would you ever put something in writing that in any way, shape, or form could cause anyone to think that you have potentially criminally influenced anyone, especially if they were a public official? Hmm, I know I certainly wouldn't!

Good luck Julian!