Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shooting From The Hip

"Tasers save lives and that's the bottom line,"
(OPP Commissioner Fantino - Feb 24 2009)
I find that statement hilarious, even when Taser use is potentially a factor in the deaths of over 360 persons in North America. It sounds a bit like other great slogans or statements: "Breast implants are safe", "The fundamentals (of the economy) are sound", "Speed kills" and the like. When I hear this drivel spew forth from a persons mouth, I tend to lose all respect for that particular individual. Can the persons responsible for parroting crap like this not think for themselves, and come up with interesting and truthful things to say?
Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for Police Officers: They have a tough job to do, and many of them do it with a great deal of pride and ethic. I have had 'dealings' with numerous police officers over the last twenty-five years or so, and I can assure you that the majority are motivated, passionate and intelligent individuals who are dedicated to serving the public in their chosen career (please visit On Meeting The Cloaked Traveller if you want more information on this).

But once in a while I read about police force policy changes, or the actions taken by members of a force, or even statements made by some higher ranking Police Officer which quickly erodes that respect. Lately it has been the Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police who has been doing a disservice to his colleagues after meeting the press recently:
"Ontario Provincial Police chief Julian Fantino taunted taser critics, saying they'd never walked in an officer's shoes and probably couldn't even pass a basic training course."

Perhaps Commissioner Fantino would care to point out where it is stated that walking in an officer's shoes is a prerequisite to being a 'taser critic'. Additionally, I am quite certain that the majority of so called 'taser critics' could readily pass a police basic training course, as from what I hear they aren't particularly challenging! If Commissioner Fantino wishes, I would be happy to volunteer to do just that, if he could ensure the OPP will cover any nominal and reasonable costs.

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