Monday, March 9, 2009


It was an article published in the Waterloo Region Record on Februry 25th this year that once again got me asking "Is Julian Fantino really a complete idiot?". I am not suggesting that Commissioner Fantino actually is a complete idiot, but sadly, I have found myself asking that question on at least a few occasions over the past few years. You, the reader, are entitled to answer the question for yourself if you wish: My answer will be kept private out of respect for Commissioner Fantino.

The article is titled "Police admit they Taser too much" by Alexander Panetta (The Canadian Press). In the article, Commissioner Fantino is reported to have made a number of comments at a press conference on the use of Taser's which I view as ill-informed, biased, unresearched, and demeaning to members of the Public he is sworn to serve. This blog is simply an attempt to counter those comments or statments, along with others Commissioner Fantino has made in his role as Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police.

It is not my intent to insult, malign or otherwise harm the character of Commissioner Fantino. I will objectively analyze his statments, counter and even discredit them with facts, statistics, and other research, suggest he provide evidence to support any factual statements he makes, and ask him to retract those statements that cannot be factually supported. I will even poke a bit of fun at the Commissioner if he deserves it! I am guessing Mr. Fantino has relatively thick skin, perhaps he also has a half-decent sense of humour.

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